Cruise Northern Norway & Svalbard

31 Aug All time high for cruise in Northern Norway & Svalbard

A total of 379 000 passengers have arrived at cruise ports in Northern Norway and Svalbard in 2012. This is an increase of 41 percent compared to last year. New records have been set at a host of cruise destinations in the north.

“It’s absolutely fantastic to experience such an increase, especially taking into consideration that the debt crisis and unfavourable exchange rates have not been to our advantage,” says the Managing Director of Cruise Northern Norway & Svalbard (CNNS), Erik Joachimsen.

“This increase comes as a result of the fact that Norway is a very attractive destination and the passengers who choose cruises to the northernmost parts of Europe want beautiful nature and safe ports. Long sailing distances and high costs, which have traditionally been used against us, are being overshadowed by our strong points.”

CNNS is now working to strengthen shore excursions for the cruise passengers. When the cruise ships are docked, the passengers purchase a host of excursions. “We recognise that there is potential to offer both a better and broader range of excursions. Consequently, our members will work to launch new and better experiences for the passengers. We believe that focusing on this will further increase the traffic and hopefully most to the smaller cruise ports.”

CNNS has positive signals for the 2013 season. Several of the ports have already reported calls from cruise ships that indicate Northern Norway and Svalbard is looking to set another record for the floating hotels in the 2013 season.

CRUISE DEST.                  NO. OF CALLS      NO. OF PASS   % CHANGE*)

North Cape                          112                                     121.054                  +36%

Tromsø                                 112                                    104.628                   +40%

Lofoten                                103                                        71.035                   +49%

Longyearbyen                       42                                      38.500                   +75%

Hammerfest                          19                                        18.713                   +25%

Alta                                         14                                          9.022                   +34%

Brønnøysund                        13                                          2.612                    +45%

Narvik                                       8                                         6.400                   +42%

Bodø                                        6                                           2.735                    -31%

Kirkenes                                   6                                         2.090                    new

Harstad                                   4                                            2.215                   -12%

Vardø                                        1                                              200                    new
TOTAL                              433                                    379.000                    +41%

*) % increase/decrease in passenger numbers from 2011 to 2012


Tromsø, Northern Norway, August 30, 2012