Cruise Northern Norway & Svalbard

24 Jul Festivals, concerts and other events in Northern Norway

CNNS wishes to promote festivals, concerts and events to cruiseliners and cruise agents, since we notice that many customers focuses on destinations.

In the following you will find an overview of each of our cruise ports, with months and links to the main events during the year. For Svalbard the events takes place mostly in winter.

Please contact CNNS for further information or contact details.

North Cape

The North Cape Festival (Nordkappfestivalen)
Month: June
(To be updated)

North Cape Film Festival (Nordkapp Filmfestival)
Month: September


Finnmarksløpet (Dog Sledding Race)
Month: March


Northern Lights Festival (Nordlysfestivalen)
Month: January / February

Tromsø International Film Festival (TIFF)
Month: January
Polarnight Half Marathon
Mont: January
Tromsø World Music Festival
Month: January / February (New website under construction)
Saami Week in Tromsø
Month: February
Top of the World International Piano Competition
Month: June / July every 2nd Year (2015, 1017,….)
Midnight Sun Marathon
Month: June
Riddu Riddu (International Indigenous Festival)
Month: July
Bukta (Music Festival)
Month: July
Insomnia Festival
Month: October


Arts Festival of Northern Norway (Festspillene i Nord-Norge)
Month: June

Arctic Race of Norway (New international bike race)
Month: August
 Arctic Race of Norway


Winter Festival in Narvik
Month: March (norwegian text only)


Lofoten International Chamber Music Festival
Month: July

Lofoten Theatre Festival
Month: June
Lofotr Viking Festival
Month: August
Lofotr Vikingfestival - a festival for the whole family in Lofoten. Our horn blower announces all events. Photo Lofotr Vikingmuseum/hae


Nordland Music Festival – Winter (Nordland Musikkfestuke)
Month: March

Nordland Music Festival – Summer (Nordland Musikkfestuke)
Month: August

Bodø International Organ Festival (Bodø Internasjonale Orgelfestival)
Month: April
Month: August (norwegian text)


Month: July


Month: July
Annual trade fair in South Helgeland, a three-day exhibition of entertainment, information, sales promotions and amusement. And with a lively atmosphere right in the thriving Brønnøysund.






Please contact CNNS for further details or connections at the different destinations.