Cruise Northern Norway & Svalbard

16 Dec Undiscovered opportunities in the north

CNNS is satisfied to see that turnaround operations are increasing in Northern Norway. The Spanish cruise line Pullmantur’s plans for 2015 in particular demonstrate that the visions we have for the region now appear to be being realised. Pullmantur has already gained experience with similar operations in Trondheim, and the cruise line will now repeat this in Bodø and Lakselv (North Cape). The proximity to large airports with modest traffic and port facilities with large capacity are among the reasons the cruise line chose these destinations. It is currently possible to implement turnaround operations for up to 2000 passengers at a number of cruise ports and airports in Northern Norway. Lakselv (North Cape), Tromsø, Evenes Airport (Harstad, Narvik and Vesterålen) and Bodø all have the capacity to implement successful and relatively large turnaround operations. There are even more possibilities for explorer ships, with Kirkenes and Spitsbergergen / Longyearbyen both worthy of mention in this respect.Longyearbyen copyright AVINOR Charterfly - havn - fra taarnet LYR

“The disadvantage we have with long sailing distances can be turned to our advantage by making arrangements for turnaround operations,” says The Managing Director of CNNS, Erik Joachimsen. “Starting a new cruise based in Northern Norway offers fantastic opportunities for short cruises to both Spitsbergen and Northwest Russia. It opens up a completely new world east of North Cape, where both Vardø and Kirkenes on the Norwegian side have something completely unique to offer, in addition to all the `undiscovered´ ports we have further south in our region.”

Click here to read more about Costa Voyager’s turnaround operation in Tromsø on July 1, 2012. This link also includes a series of photos from the operation. Please do not hesitate to contact CNNS for information about opportunities for turnaround operations in the northernmost part of Europe.