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11 Nov Pullmantur`s turnarounds in the North

Calls in 2015 sold out in record time: CEO Andreas Storl in European Cruise Service AS can inform that Spanish Pullmantur, with the cruise ship MS Empress and its two turnarounds in Lakselv – and three in Bodø – in June 2015, sold out in record time.

Summer cruises in the region is normally not sold out until earliest January, the same year as the ships sails north. MS Empress will carry out turnarounds in northern Norway next summer and was sold out already in October. This is both specially and joyful.
“This is a signal that the Spanish company has struck right and that there is a market and a demand for Northern Norway. They want the Midnight Sun, North Cape and Lofoten Islands. The logistics which now are being established in Porsanger gives foundation for a new type of tourist development. For the first time we can bring genuine Sami culture and adventure tourism out to a vast international cruise market through Lakselvs proximity to the Sami village Karasjok. This aspect strengthens the attractiveness of North Cape Turnaround Port in the market”, says CEO Andreas Storl.

In addition to Lakselv and Bodø, the ports in Murmansk, Honningsvåg, Alta, Tromsø and Leknes will also get a visit by MS Empress in 2015. The new environmental requirements that phased in from January will indicate that the most affordable way the cruise industry can operating in northern areas is to fly the passengers to Lakselv, whereupon they perform turnarounds with passenger and luggage via Lakselv Airport Banak and North Cape Turnaround Port (NCTP).

“That the Nordkapp Region Port Authority, Finnmark County Council, the Sami Parliament and Innovation Norway proactive and financially have contributed to the realization of the maritime section behind the logistics for a turnaround port in the north, is contributing in the short run to thousands of new guests who will visit the region”, says Hege Jernsletten in the NCTP Project, Porsanger in Development KF
Furthermore are Avinor and their airports the most important partner locally and a major contributor regionally.
“It is also gratifying to note that in addition to Pullmanturs already two confirmed turnaround operations with MS Empress in 2016, considers the company now putting an additional ship to exchange passengers and luggage on Lakselv in 2016. Spain has really opened up their eyes for Northern Norway. NCTP will help ensure that they get this opportunity”, says Chairman Per A. Amundsen in North Cape Turnaround Port AS.

Andreas Hege Jernsletten og Per A  Amundsen - Northcape TurnaroundportStorl, CEO in European Cruise Service AS, mobile: +47 479 22 753
Arthur Kordt, Director in Tourist Development AS, mobile: +47 913 91 126
Hege Jernsletten, Marketing Executive for NCTP – in Porsanger In Development KF, mobile: +47 907 26 619

Photo: Press Photo North Cape Turnaround Port AS.


Caption: “Per Amundsen, Chairman in North Cape Turnaround Port AS and Hege Jernsletten, Marketing Executive NCTP smiles wide. Next summer’s arrivals are sold out in record time. “