Cruise Northern Norway & Svalbard

14 Jun Cruising into Russia

With the belief increased cruise traffic to Russia will also lead to more sailings along the coast of Northern Norway, CNNS hosted a FAM trip to Arkhangelsk, the Solovetsky Islands and Murmansk in April 2015. Russia is an exciting destination offering great attractions and a rich and dramatic history.

Text & photos: Erik Joachimsen / CNNS

The trip included port inspections in Arkhangelsk, the Solovetsky Islands and Murmansk. In Arkhangelsk the Northern Pier is suitable for small expedition ships and medium-sized cruise ships up to approximately 200 m. In the Solovetsky Islands tendering only alternative and the necessary arrangements are in place. Murmansk, which is one of Russia’s most important navy and fisheries cities, has excellent port facilities.

The Solovetsky Monastery is inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List and tourists are attracted by the unique history. In the 17th century the monks built a magnificent building and an advanced society. This was followed much later by the tragic events in the Gulag Archipelago where Stalin converted the archipelago into a prison camp where the most unimaginable atrocities occurred.

Highlights in Arkhangelsk include a guided city tour (Peter the Great Statue, the Merchant Yard and Chumbarovka Street) and visit to the wooden architecture museum Malye Korely. Intourist has established a multilingual team of guides with stable recruitment from the university in Arkhangelsk.

The main difference between Arkhangelsk and Murmansk is that the latter is 400 years younger than Murmansk. While Arkhangelsk mainly consists of wooden buildings, Murmansk is characterised by concrete buildings. Murmansk has several interesting museums, including the Northern Fleet Museum and the Icebreaker Lenin Museum.

CNNS can recommend Murmansk and Arkhangelsk / the Solovetsky Islands in combination with a cruise to Northern Norway and Svalbard. Please do not hesitate to contact us for further details. We can convey useful information and provide contact details to key people in Russia.

Click on this link to view the CNNS photo gallery from the FAM trip to Arkhangelsk, the Solovetsky Islands and Murmansk.

The trip was subsidised by the Barents Secretariat in Kirkenes / Norway. The objective of the secretariat is to create increased activity between Norway and Russia.

Calls to the Port of Arkhangelsk / the Solovetsky Islands during the past two seasons:
2013: MV The World, MV Discovery, MV Silver Cloud and MV Braemar
2014: MV L’Austral, MV Silver Cloud, MV Island Sky and MV Deutschland