Cruise Northern Norway & Svalbard

15 Jun Meet the Vikings at Borg in Lofoten

Starting summer 2015, the Vikings at Borg in Lofoten now offers better experiences for guests with less time when visiting Lofotr.

With 60 minutes available: Short talk/introduction to the Viking Chieftain´s longhouse. Afterwards, there is time to strawl around on your own.

With 90 minutes available: The group will be given a longer, organized stay at Lofotr: received in the exhibition halls, see a short film about Viking life at Lofotr, and then take part in a short talk, as an introduction to the Viking Chieftain´s house. There is also time for the gift shop.

For groups who wish to enjoy a Viking style lunch, taste the drink of the Gods – mead, participate in Viking activities (i.e. row the Viking ship), extra time must be added.

Photo: Lofotr Vikingmuseum (Kjell Ove Storvik)