Cruise Northern Norway & Svalbard

17 Nov Hammerfest: Into the ice

Cruise Port Hammerfest has invested in the development of new shorex offers for cruise passengers, including one which honours Roald Amundsen’s cook, Adolf Henrik Lindstrøm.

This excursion will enable guests to learn about the great age of exploration, especially Roald Amundsen’s South Pole expedition. It was the first time a human reached the geographic South Pole. Amundsen was accompanied by Hammerfest’s local hero and polar cook Adolf Henrik Lindstrøm, who gained fame for his various talents, his positive attitude and his signature dish – Beef à la Lindstrøm.

Hammerfest Tourist provides an Arctic expedition outfit and transports guests to the mountain by bus. The guests will walk on the ice towards the summit and plant the Norwegian flag, providing many unforgettable photo opportunities.

Guests will later go to Café Framheim located in a cosy, heated tent. Cruise passengers will learn more about Lindstrøm and polar history, while being served the famous Beef à la Lindstrøm and hotcakes.

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