Cruise Northern Norway & Svalbard

10 Apr The new Jekt Trade Museum in Bodø

The Norwegian Jekt-trade museum opens in May 2019. There you will find the last preserved cargo vessel Jekt, and get a exiting experience of trade, livelihood and life in circumpolar Norway in the 18th century. The museums show you unique maritime exhibits and give you a chance to sense history and try for yourself how you hoist a square sail or set the price of stockfish on its way to worldwide markets. The museum offers genuine experiences of Norwegian costal history. Here the history of an exciting and peculiar long-distance trade is told through active involvement of the guests, an authentic and majestic ship with roots from the viking era, and a spectacular exhibition.

The museum is situated five minutes by coach from Bodø port in a stunning costal landscape. It gives you an opportunity to take a hike on the costal path, enjoy an outdoor museum collection of traditional architecture.  The Jekt-trade museum also includes an outdoor museum with historical buildings, a large collection of authentic traditional boats of the local type “nordlandsbåt”, a museum café, giftshop, temporary exhibitions and in summer season occational theatrical performances and demonstrations of crafts.

Contact: Visit Bodø, Carina Dreyer Salater (