Cruise Northern Norway & Svalbard

14 Jun Lofoten Cruise Manual

In future CNNS will have an even stronger focus on presenting innovative shore excursions with a focus on nature-based experiences. Consequently, we will prioritise our resources such as newsletters and other marketing material on small and large experiences in a region which more than any is “Powered by Nature”.

Click on this link to download the Lofoten Cruise Network’s product manual.


14 Jun Cruising into Russia

With the belief increased cruise traffic to Russia will also lead to more sailings along the coast of Northern Norway, CNNS hosted a FAM trip to Arkhangelsk, the Solovetsky Islands and Murmansk in April 2015. Russia is an exciting destination offering great attractions and a rich and dramatic history.


9 Jun Costa cruising new routes in the north

During the summer of 2015 Costa neoRomantica has called at completely new destinations in the north, all of which are located within a small radius. A total of eight itineraries will call at Bodø, Narvik, Vesterålen and Lofoten. “That’s exactly how we hope the cruise ships will make use of Northern Norway in the future,” says the Managing Director of CNNS, Erik Joachimsen.


9 Jun Successful turnarounds in the north

In early June the Spanish cruise line Pullmantur started a series of cruises that involve turnaround operations in Northern Norway. This is a ground-breaking way of implementing cruise itineraries and one which Cruise Northern Norway & Svalbard (CNNS) believes will become a new trend in the northernmost part of Europe.


8 Jun The Region of Opportunities

Five years ago the cruise ports in Northern Norway and Svalbard made an important decision by agreeing to form a regional cruise network. By joining forces, they aimed to strengthen the individual ports. Cruise North has chatted with two of the people behind the creation of Cruise Northern Norway & Svalbard, Harriet Willassen (Port of Tromsø) and Åse-Lill Barstad (Visit North Cape).



8 Jun Winter cruising in the Arctic Paradise: This is only the start

This is a travelogue from a wonderful “work holiday” in our beautiful region. I can never get enough of Northern Norway.

CNNS / Erik Joachimsen (Text & Photos)


13 May CNNS FAM-trip to Russia

During the last week of April 2015, Cruise Northern Norway & Svalbard hosted a FAM-trip to Arkhangelsk and Solovetsky at the White Sea. A posttrip was also conducted to Murmansk close to the Norwegian border in the north, and to city of Kirkenes in the very North East of Norway.

See image gallery from the CNNS FAM-trip to Arkhangelsk, Solovetsky and Murmansk here.

Questions regarding cruise opportunities in Northern Norway and North West Russia may be submitted to CNNS / Managing director, Erik Joachimsen

12 Mar Cruise Norway Winter FAM-trip 2015

Cruise Norway, in cooperation with CNNS, has hosted the very first FAM trip for cruise lines focusing on winter cruise. The trip, which took place in early March 2015, included stops at the North Cape and in Alta, Tromsø, Narvik and Bodø.

There were many magical moments and CNNS hopes there will be more FAM trips like this in Norway. CNNS has shared a photo gallery of the FAM trip here. Enjoy!

12 Mar Cruise North Magazine 2015

Cruise North 2015 Cover


Launching a new edition of CNNS’ Cruise North magazine during Cruise Shipping Miami has become a good tradition and 2015 will be no exception. In the 2015 edition, you will be able to read about innovative shore excursions, exciting new itineraries, the cruise network in Spitsbergen and much more. We will distribute copies of this third edition to our contacts during the trade fair.

You can also click on this link to read a digital edition of the magazine.



9 Mar 3D animation of turnaround port

A new 3D animation of the North Cape Turnaroundport is ready for Cruise Shipping Miami 2015. This animation has been designed to show the ground handling facilities.