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17 Nov Upgrade for Tromsø Cable Car

The Tromsø Cable Car is undergoing a major upgrade and, as a consequence of this, will be closed until April 1st, 2016.

This popular tourist attraction, which was visited by around 118,000 last year, takes visitors up to Mt Storsteinen on Fløya (421 m above sea level). The viewing platform at the top station offers panoramic views of Tromsø and the surrounding islands and fjords. The cable car is an excellent starting point for various hikes into the mountains, including to the summit of the majestic mountain Tromsdalstind (1238 m above sea level). The cable car also offers excellent opportunities to experience the Northern Lights from September to March.

The total investment in new gondolas with associated machinery is Euro 6 million. The terrace at the top station will be extended a further 12 m out from the mountain, making the view even more spectacular. The attraction will also become more disability-friendly with the installation of a passenger lift at the top station.

The capacity of the gondolas will remain unchanged at 28 passengers per trip. On days with several cruise ships, the speed will be able to be increased by 33 per cent. This will enable 400 passengers per hour to be transported up the mountain and will significantly reduce queues on busy days. Tromsø Cable Car is also working to find even better service solutions for larger groups.

The Tromsø Cable Car was built by ship owners Brødrene Jakobsens Rederi, which engaged in large-scale trapping, fishing and expeditions in the Arctic and Antarctic. It was officially opened on 22 February 1961 complete with a brass band, international press and schoolchildren, who had been given the day off to attend.

For the past 54 years, the cable car’s two gondolas, one red and one yellow, have been decorated with a seal and a polar bear as symbols of pride and tradition to portray the activities of Brødrene Jakobsens Rederi. This will still be the case in the future.

This film by Peter Wollen shows the Tromsø Cable Car up to September 2015.