Cruise Northern Norway & Svalbard

18 Oct SeaWalk in place at the Port of Lakselv

After a considerable effort over an extended period, the much-discussed SeaWalk is now in place at the Port of Lakselv, located at the head of the Porsangerfjord just a few hours sailing from Honningsvåg / the North Cape.

The newly developed SeaWalk is an XT version which can handle transit calls and turnaround operations involving large passenger numbers and luggage volumes.

The locality in the bay of Hamnbukt is an excellent base for turnaround operations as the Lakselv Airport Banak is just 10 minutes away by shuttlebus. Turnaround operations involving passengers, crew and luggage can be performed in a cost-effective manner, while the airport can handle the largest types of aircraft. The Port of Lakselv demonstrated this in the summer of 2015 when Pullmantur performed turnaround operations involving MV Empress and jumbo jets.

For further information about SeaWalk and the Port of Lakselv, please contact the Port of North Cape by e-mail.