Cruise Northern Norway & Svalbard

18 Oct The Querini Opera

Experience a beautiful, dramatic and moving opera performance in spectacular surroundings on Røst, a tiny archipelago far out to sea at the extreme end of the Lofoten Islands. After all, this is where it happened.

“This must be the most moving work of music theatre ever to be written about dried fish,” wrote the Financial Times after witnessing the performance.

It is the year 1432, and an Italian ship with Captain Querini at the helm goes down off the coast of Ireland. The wreck drifts northwards before being swallowed by the icy waters of the North Atlantic. Amazingly, 11 survivors washed ashore on remote Røst, a tiny archipelago in the middle of the sea. They are fed, clothed and cared for by the locals. The Italian sailors ate, slept and worked with the locals for many months and become fascinated by their “simple” life.

In the springtime, Querini and his men return to their loved ones in Venice. However, they don’t forget their time on Røst and write down their account of this true story. During their time on Røst, the Italians acquired a taste for and knowledge of dried fish. They returned to Italy laden with dried fish, initiating a trade route that still exists today.

The Querini Opera is performed by professional opera singers with great assistance from the local population. The opera is in Norwegian, but has such visual and clear choreography and scenography that it appeals to international audiences.

The opera performance forms part of an exciting festival from 2-4 August on remote Røst where dried fish, music, Norwegian and Italian food and the local way of life are on the menu.

Click on this link for a taste of the Querini Opera.