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13 Feb Heading for new cruise record in 2018: Increasingly more on cruises in the north

The prognosis for the cruise traffic to Northern Norway and Svalbard shows that the 11 cruise ports in the world’s northernmost cruise region are facing a pronounced growth. The number of calls is projected to increase by a full 20 per cent, while the number of passengers on board will rise 14 per cent.

The three largest ports – Tromsø, the North Cape and Lofoten – will all experience significant growth. These three ports will each receive more than 100 calls, which jointly accounts for around 70 per cent of the cruise calls to the region. This year’s winner is Narvik, which will quadruple its traffic after a couple of poor years.

This year will be a record year with 480,000 arriving passengers and more than 450 calls. “It’s particularly pleasing that this growth applies to all 11 ports,” says Erik Joachimsen, the Managing Director of the region’s cruise network, Cruise Northern Norway & Svalbard (CNNS). “It’s important for the cruise network that the calls are spread across the entire region so as many as possible of the shore-based companies can take part in the value creation.

The increase in cruise traffic may be attributed to several factors. “Several of the cruise ports in Western Norway have placed restrictions on the daily number of ships and passengers, which means cruise lines may be rejected on days with large traffic volumes. In such cases, the cruise lines will need to search for other sailing routes, and Northern Norway and Svalbard is a favourable alternative. “With the exception of certain days at the ports in Honningsvåg and Tromsø, all the ports in our region have good capacity. Product development initiatives are underway at all the destinations, so there is good reason to believe that the positive trend we are experiencing will continue.”

Cruise prognosis Northern Norway & Svalbard 2018 (2017):
Total number of calls: 456 (380) + 20%
Total number of arriving passengers: 480,000 (422,000) +14%
Average number of passengers per ship: 1,054 (1,111) – 5%

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