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6 Jun Mo i Rana: New port of call

Close to the Arctic Circle

Welcome to Mo i Rana, the latest member of CNNS, which is going on the offensive to attract cruise lines to a town traditionally regarded as an industrial community. However, there are many hidden treasures here.

Located in the “middle of Norway” close to the Arctic Circle, Mo i Rana has large and varied surroundings, stretching from the beautiful Helgeland coast, via fjords and mountains far into the Swedish wilderness. All of this can be experienced on relatively short excursions from the Port of Mo i Rana at the innermost point of the Ranfjord.

An hour’s bus ride north of the port brings you to The Arctic Circle, a circumpolar line denoting the boundary between the “Land of the Midnight Sun” and the rest of the world. As well as visiting this magical border, the area is also rich in Sami culture associated with reindeer husbandry.

Just north of Mo i Rana is Grønnligrotta, a comprehensive network of limestone caves and tunnels, which is a more than 4 km long. Sections of the caves are illuminated and accessible to guests wishing to explore underground.

Guests who are more interested in culture can visit the oldest part of the industrial community, which was based on the ironworks right back to the early 20th century. The town has developed into one of the most modern industrial areas in Norway after the ironworks underwent a major renewal a few decades ago. However, it’s worth noting that mining is still one of the main industries in Mo i Rana.

The aquaculture industry has expanded significantly along the entire North Norwegian coast in recent years and, in many ways, is the “new oil” of Norway. Paying a visit to the aquaculture visitor centre near Mo i Rana enables visitors to gain knowledge of Norwegian salmon, which is one of Norway’s major export commodities.

Mo i Rana also offers a host of opportunities for nature-based activities year-round, including hiking, cycling, kayaking and other physical activities, not to mention the Northern Lights and Midnight Sun, both of which play a major role in attracting tourists to Northern Norway.

The Port of Mo i Rana is an exciting addition to the variety of cruise destinations in the world’s northernmost cruise region. The town’s unique selling points will certainly make it attractive for cruise lines to sail into the Ranfjord.

As Mo i Rana is an industrial town, there is no shortage of quays.

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