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13 Dec Try a Tromsø toddy at “Full Steam”

Storyteller and tourism entrepreneur Kalle Mentzen from Henningsvær in Lofoten is taking his Full Steam concept to Tromsø. This new, unique experience in Tromsø will be based on conveying the city’s fisheries history from days gone by.

Full Steam has moved into a venerable wharf building dating from 1902. “We will guide our guests through the important history of the Norwegian-Arctic cod (or skrei as it is known in Norwegian) fishery in Troms County, from fishing boat to export, stockfish and the important role of cod liver oil,” says General Manager Jenny Åkerman

During the visit to Full Steam, the guests will taste the various part of the skrei: authentic caviar, stockfish, cod liver oil, cod tongues and, not least, the soon-to-be world-famous ‘Tromsø toddy’. This unique liquor-based drink uses cod liver oil as the mixer. A priceless combination!

Contact Full Steam: Managing director Jenny Åkerman