Cruise Northern Norway & Svalbard

5 Feb Cruise from fjords towards the north

Open letter signed by 15 mayors in Northern Norway:

The limitations being placed on cruise calls to the fjords of Western Norway can provide a new and huge opportunity for Northern Norway. Northern Norwegian hospitality can lead our region back to old heights, when the Midnight Sun and North Cape were the most important selling points. However, to fully succeed, this must be sustainable in the broadest sense of the word.


28 Jan Large cruise growth in 2018, good prognoses for smaller ports in 2019

The cruise growth in the north is continuing and in 2019 more than 500,000 passengers will call at the 12 ports that are members of Cruise Northern Norway and Svalbard (CNNS).


13 Dec Merry Christmas & Happy New Year

We wish all our connections a peaceful Christmas and a prosperous New Year!

Best wishes from

The CNNS team

13 Dec Visit the Lofoten Seafood Centre from Leknes

The Lofoten Seafood Centre in Mortsund is an exciting and educational experience for cruise passengers visiting Lofoten. Guests can gain an insight into eco-friendly aquaculture, the history of the fish farm, the modern techniques and the products that have become famous around the world.


13 Dec Try a Tromsø toddy at “Full Steam”

Storyteller and tourism entrepreneur Kalle Mentzen from Henningsvær in Lofoten is taking his Full Steam concept to Tromsø. This new, unique experience in Tromsø will be based on conveying the city’s fisheries history from days gone by.


13 Dec New directors at North Cape

Hans Paul Hansen has taken over as General Manager of the North Cape Hall, which is owned by the Scandic Hotels chain. Hansen has been Assistant General Manager in recent years. “I started working in the souvenir shop at the old North Cape Hall in the mid-80s. From there, it has been a wonderful journey,” said Hans Paul Hansen to Radio Nordkapp. 


6 Jun Mo i Rana: New port of call

Close to the Arctic Circle

Welcome to Mo i Rana, the latest member of CNNS, which is going on the offensive to attract cruise lines to a town traditionally regarded as an industrial community. However, there are many hidden treasures here.

Located in the “middle of Norway” close to the Arctic Circle, Mo i Rana has large and varied surroundings, stretching from the beautiful Helgeland coast, via fjords and mountains far into the Swedish wilderness. All of this can be experienced on relatively short excursions from the Port of Mo i Rana at the innermost point of the Ranfjord.


10 Apr New cable car for Narvikfjellet

Cruise passengers sailing into Narvik, Norway will soon be able to take a trip up Narvikfjellet mountain on a new cable car, which was built by Swiss company Bartholet. The new gondola system, which opens in February 2019, will follow a different path to Narvikfjellet’s existing cable car.


10 Apr The new Jekt Trade Museum in Bodø

The Norwegian Jekt Trade Museum opens in May 2019. The museum will offer genuine experiences of Norwegian costal history. The fascinating history of an exciting and peculiar long-distance trade will be portrayed through active involvement by the guests, an authentic and majestic ship with roots from the Viking era and a spectacular exhibition.


13 Feb Heading for new cruise record in 2018: Increasingly more on cruises in the north

The prognosis for the cruise traffic to Northern Norway and Svalbard shows that the 11 cruise ports in the world’s northernmost cruise region are facing a pronounced growth. The number of calls is projected to increase by a full 20 per cent, while the number of passengers on board will rise 14 per cent.