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1 Bodø

The first port of call north of the Arctic Circle

Bodø is an exciting cruise destination eager to be discovered. Although a major port of call for the Norwegian Coastal Steamer, Bodø has not pursued the cruise industry and is therefore thrilled to finally be able to present Bodø as a cruise destination.

(Text copyright by CNNS / Erik Joachimsen)

Bodø offers a lot of different shorexes through Polar Tours AS that is the local DMC. The local DMC Polar Tours  is partner with the Port of Bodø, where the mutual goal is to increase the number of cruise ships to our region. This will be achieved by providing first-class infrastructure and a wide variety of exciting shore excursions,” she says.

Among shorex highlights is the world famous Saltstraumen, the world’s strongest maelstrom. The Norwegian Aviation Museum and the picturesque and historic trading post Kjerringøy match the needs of adventurous cruise passengers. Further south, Norway’s second largest glacier, the “Svartisen” (Black Ice Glacier), is waiting to be discovered.

“It’s our objective to make Bodø the port you will enjoy visiting again and again, as you seek new markets for your cruise ship experiences or yachting holidays,” says Port Director Ingvar M. Mathisen. “Being located in Northern Norway’s second largest city, with a major airport with one-stop connections to most gateways in Europe, Bodø is a great location for both guests in quest of adventures surrounded by fantastic nature, as well for logistics purposes such as resupplying by air, rail or sea,” says Mathisen.

Cruise port of Bodø
Number of calls / passengers 2012 (2013) (2014): 6 (13) (9) Estimate 2014: 11
Unique Selling Points: The top five shore excursions are: The Saltstraumen Maelstrom, Kjerringøy Trading Post, City Sightseeing, Eagle Safari by RIB and Norwegian Aviation Museum or Svartisen,the second largest glacier in Norway.
Shorex contact: Polar Tours AS, +47 75563 000 og e-mail to

Product Manual 2015/16: Bodø

Port information (Source: Cruise Norway)

Distance to nearest pilot station nautical miles/Hours:
8-10 nm / 1 hour
Visiting address: Bodøterminalen, Terminalveien.
Mailing address: POB. 138, NO-8001 Bodø
Phone /Fax: +47 75 55 10 80/90

Visiting address: Tollbugata 13, NO-8006 Bodø
Distance from port: 50 meter
Mailing address: POB. 514, NO-8001 Bodø
Phone / Fax: +47 75 54 80 10

Guide Service: English, German, French,
Spanish, Italian, Russian, Dutch
Terminal/Restrooms in pier area: YES
Shuttle bus: NO
Parking place for buses: YES
Taxi: YES
Rental cars: YES
Public transportation: YES
Shopping: 50 m
Local currency: NOK
ATM: 50 m
Currency exchange: 50 m
Tax refund: NO
Public telephones in pier area: NO
Internet access in pier area: YES
Mailboxes in pier area: YES
Distances – airport: 2 km / Bodø Airport
Distance to city center: 50 m
Nearest hospital: Nordlands Hospital/
+47 75 53 40 00 / 1 km

Bunkers delivery /method: Yes. By truck or bunkers terminal
Supplies: Yes
Waste handling: Yes
Waste water method: Tank. Trucks
Tugboats: Yes, on prior request
Anchorage: Yes
Pontoons: Yes, but for tenders only
Pilot: Channel 16/13
Emergency: Channel 16
Medical emergency: Phone 113
Charts: Norwegian
Tidal movement: MLVS, 0.4 m; MHVS, 2.8 m
ISPS approved: YES
Designated quays for cruise ships: YES
Ship tenders allowed: YES
Beam: Unlimited
Max number of passenger per day in port: 3000
Max number of ships per day in port: Max 4 ships
Ships stay min /max: No limitation
Environmental limitations /restrictions: NO
Port facilities according to
Cruise Norway`s guidelines: YES
Maximum ship length:
1; 150 m 2; 200 m 3; 300 m 4; 150 m 5; 210 m 6; 200 m
Maximum ship draft and depth in sea:
1; 7 m 2; 7 m 3; 8 m 4; 9 m 5; 8.4 6; 8.5 m
Maximum ship air draft if bridge: No limitation
Crew facilities: Mooring in city center provides very easy
access to numerous types of shopping, attractions, cafees etc.
Free interne access available

Type of bottom: Sand/clay
Minimum depth: 20 m
Distance from anchorage to tender pier: 500 m