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1 Brønnøysund

Gateway to World Heritage Area

The southernmost port in cruise region CNNS is Brønnøysund, a small and charming town with much to offer.

(Text copyright by CNNS / Erik Joachimsen)

The Helgeland Coast is one of Norway’s most beautiful areas. A fantastic archipelago comprising more than 13,000 islands, islets and skerries, beautiful and mystical mountain formations, a rich cultural life and not least the Vega Archipelago World Heritage Site, which was inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage list in 2004, combine to make Helgeland one of the most exciting Norwegian destinations. From the cruise port in Brønnøysund, you may visit many exciting areas by bus or boat and enjoy unique adventures.

In a couple of hours you can, for instance, walk through the majestic hole in the mountain Torghatten, which is 160 m long and 35 m high and is one of the best known landmarks along the Norwegian coast. The hole is a result of erosion thousands of years ago and forms the basis of many myths and legends. You may also visit the Norwegian Aquaculture Centre and gain an insight into why Norway is one of the world’s largest exporters of fish and seafood. At Hildurs Urterarium, Northern Norway’s only herbarium and vineyard, you may visit a cultural and historical Norwegian home and taste their wine products and local food.

If you have more time, you may visit the Vega Archipelago World Heritage Site. This coastal treasure gained World Heritage status not only for its beautiful nature, but also for the unique interaction between humans and nature. For generations the women of Vega have protected eider ducks during the nesting season and in return have been left precious eider down. This fascinating story is presented to cruise passengers who visit the local museum E-House on the island of Vega. This is geotourism at its very best.

“Brønnøysund has much more to offer,” says Port Director and former Manager of Tourism Sølvi Kristoffersen, adding that in addition to the above-mentioned experiences the region also offers unique nature and culture-based adventures in the fjords. Brønnøysund’s location in the centre of Norway, midway between the fjords of Western Norway and the Lofoten Islands, makes the region a natural port of call for all seafarers.

Cruise Port Brønnøysund
Number of calls 2012 (2013) (2014): 16 (8) (12) Estimate 2014: 6
Unique Selling Points: The Vega Archipelago World Heritage site, the mythic mountain Torghatten.
Shorex contact: Brønnøy Havn KF

Product Manual 2015/16: Brønnøysund

Port information (Source: Cruise Norway)
Distance to nearest pilot station nautical miles:
Rørvik and/or Åsværet
Visiting address: Havna, NO-8900 Brønnøysund
Mailing address: POB. 65, NO-8901 Brønnøysund
Contact person: Sølvi H. Kristoffersen
Phone /Fax: +47 75 01 20 70 / +47 75 0120 71

Visiting address: Somnaveien 92
Distance from port: 100 m
Mailing address: POB. 314, NO-8901 Brønnøysund
Phone / Fax: +47 99 01 84 62, + 47 75 01 80 00

Guide Service: 3 main languages
(Norwegain, English, German)
others on request, 20 guides
Terminal/Restrooms in pier area: No
Shuttle bus: At request
Parking place for buses: Yes
Taxi: 20 m / 2 km from pier
Rental cars: 2 km from pier
Public transportation: 20 m / 2 km from pier
Shopping: 50 m / 2 km from pier
Local currency: NOK
ATM: Yes
Currency exchange: Yes, at the touristinformation
Tax refund: No
Public telephones in pier area: No
Internet access in pier area: No
Mailboxes in pier area: Yes
Distances – airport: Brønnøysund Airport, 2 km
Distance to town center: 50 m / 2 km from pier
Nearest hospital: Brønnøy Medical Center,
+47 75 01 24 00 (daytime)
+47 75 02 05 00 (evening/weekends)

Bunkers delivery /method: Yes, by truck
Supplies: Yes
Waste handling: Yes
Waste water method: By truck
Tugboats: Yes, on request
Anchorage: Yes, on request
Pontoons: No
Pilot: Channel 13
Emergency: Channel 16
Medical emergency: Phone 113
Charts: Norwegian charts N0 488 and 53
Tidal movement: 2.5 m
ISPS approved: Yes
Designated quays for cruise ships: Yes
Ship tenders allowed: No
Max number of passenger per day in port: 2000
Max number of ships per day in port: 2
Ships stay min /max: No limitation
Port facilities according to
Cruise Norway`s guidelines: Yes
Maximum ship length:
Northern Port – Gårdsøya: 250 m
Central Port – town center: 140 m
Maximum ship draft and depth in sea:
Northern Port – Gårdsøya: 25 m
Central Port – town center: 6.2 m
Maximum ship air draft if bridge: 30 m