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1 Harstad

A cultural destination

The coastal city of Harstad is the cultural capital of the north, renowned for its annual festival of arts in July. The city is rich in medieval history and trading traditions.

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On the Trondenes Peninsula you will find one of Norway’s most beautiful churches, the Trondenes Church. For most people this is more than a church; it is a symbol of tradition and history dating right back to the Viking era and the Middle Ages. You can gain an insight into the cultural heritage of that era at the Trondenes Historical Centre.

The area was also significant during World War II. The Germans built the land-based Adolf Guns here, which since the end of the Cold War have been accessible to curious visitors. The guns had a range of over 500 km with a special long range shell weighing over a tonne.

“We want to develop the Trondenes Peninsula into an even better tourist destination,” says Helge Schjølberg, who leads the local cruise network in Harstad.

A short bus or boat ride from downtown Harstad brings passengers to Røkenes Farm and Guesthouse. This is an old trading post dating from 1750, which is exceptionally rich in traditions. You will meet the current hosts, represented by Kristian Kulseng, the 10th generation of the Kulseng family to own and run the farm. The hosts serve first-class local cuisine accompanied by stories about the local history.

With a beautiful location on Norway’s largest island, Hinnøya, and surrounded by a picturesque Arctic coastal landscape, Harstad has much to offer visitors. You will also find a wide variety of companies offering nature-based adventures such as deep-sea fishing from authentic fishing boats or zodiac safaris in Arctic waters.

“In winter you can chase the Northern Lights and in summer you can enjoy the Midnight Sun at Nupen, Norway’s most romantic place,” says Gro Dagsvold, Cruise Coordinator at Visit Harstad.

Cruise port Harstad
Number of calls 2012 (2013) (2014):  4 (2) (3) Estimate 2014: 2
Unique Selling Points: A rich medieval and Viking history
Shorex contact: Visit Harstad, Cruise Coordinator, Gro Dagsvold.

Product Manual 2015/16: Harstad

Port information (Source: Cruise Norway)
Distance to nearest pilot station nautical miles/Hours:
40 nm/3hour Lødingen pilot station
Mailing address: POB. 193, NO-9482 Harstad
Phone /Fax: +47 77 00 12 10

Visiting address: Sjøgata 1 B -3
Distance from port: 50 m
Mailing address: POB. 654, NO-9486 Harstad
Phone/Fax: +47 77 01 89 89

Guide Service: Number of guides and languages as requied
Terminal/Restrooms in pier area: No
Parking place for buses: Yes
Taxi: Yes
Rental cars: Yes
Public transportation: Yes
Shopping: 250 m
Local currency: NOK
ATM: Yes / 300 m
Currency exchange: Yes / 300 m
Public telephones in pier area: No
Internet access in pier area: No
Mailboxes in pier area: No (300 m)
Distances – airport: 45 km/Harstad- Narvik-EVE Airport
Distance to city center: 250 m
Nearest hospital: UNN Harstad/ 07766-113/ 1km.

Bunkers delivery /method: Yes, by tanker
Supplies: Yes
Waste handling: Yes
Waste water method: By tanker
Tugboats: Can be arranged
Anchorage: Yes
Pontoons: Can be rented
Pilot: Channel 12
Emergency: Channel 16
Medical emergency: Phone 113
Charts: Charts no: 69- 77-79-81-82-487
Tidal movement: 2 m approx.
ISPS approved: Yes
Designated quays for cruise ships: Yes
Ship tenders allowed: Yes
Max size ship in port: Grt 100000
Max number of passenger per day in port: No limitation
Max number of ships per day in port: 2
Ships stay min /max: 0900-0630 next day
Port facilities according to
Cruise Norway`s guidelines: Yes
Maximum ship length: 300 m
Maximum ship draft and depth in sea:
Depth in sea 9.3 m from year 2013
Maximum ship air draft if bridge: 40 m

Type of bottom: Sand/clay
Minimum depth: 50 m approx.
Distance from anchorage to tender pier: 600 m approx.
Harstad/Narvil Airport, Evenes
Runway: widh 45 m
RWY 17
Take off runway available (TORA): 2808 m
Accelerate stop distance available (ASDA): 2808 m
Take off distance available (TODA): 3090 m
Landing distance available (LDA): 2716 m
RWY 35
Take off runway available (TORA): 2808 m
Accelerate stop distance available (ASDA): 2808 m
Take off distance available (TODA): 3046 m
Landing distance available (LDA): 2750 m
Accepted Aircrafts:
ICAO code E plain
(Boeing 747/777, Airbus A330/A340)