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1 Narvik

Where two borders meet

Narvik is the port of export for iron ore from the Swedish mining city of Kiruna. The ore was also the reason for the strategic importance of Narvik during World War II. These two factors mean that Narvik has strong stories to tell.

The city at the head of the Ofotfjord, near the Swedish border, was Northern Norway’s first industrialised port city. On the Swedish side there is no ice-free port in the north and Narvik was the natural choice when the Swedish mining company LKAB was going to start exporting iron ore by ship. Consequently, a railway line has also been built, which connects Narvik to the rest of the European railway network.

A railway journey on the Ofoten Line is one of the most impressive shorexes Narvik has to offer for cruise. The railway line winds its way along the mountainside offering a beautiful panorama of the mountains and fjord – fully on a level with what the well-known Flåm Railway can offer. “We now have a charter train in place, which makes it far easier to offer train journeys from Narvik to Riksgränsen in Sweden or all the way to the mining city of Kiruna, if the cruise ship is docked for a longer time,” says Grethe Parker at Cruise Narvik.

As the export port already offers capacity for large cargo ships, the port has the natural requirements to handle cruise ships. Local investors want to prepare even better for cruise traffic. “We are now building a cruise quay near the city centre and investments will be made in new tourism products connected to Narvikfjellet (the mountain reached by gondola from the city centre),” says Roger Bergersen, who represents the company Forte Narvik.

World War II history is currently exhibited at the Narvik War Memorial Museum. A decision has already been made to build a new, modern museum near the port and city centre. At the same time, work in underway to utilise the entire region in order to give cruise passengers an insight into history that no one hopes will be repeated.

“One of the newest offers is Polar Park, the world’s northernmost zoological park, which is located just an hour’s drive from Narvik. Visitors can experience the four predators found in our fauna,” concludes Parker enthusiastically.

Cruise port Narvik
Number of calls 2012 (2013) (2014): 8 (10) (12): Estimate 2014: 14
Unique Selling Points: World War II history, The Ofoten Line and Polar Park
Shorex contact: Cruise Narvik, Grethe Parker

Product Manual 2015/16: Narvik

Port information (Source: Cruise Norway)
Distance to nearest pilot station
Nautical miles/Hours: 32 nm/2,5-3,5 hrs
Visiting address: Fagernesveien 2, NO-8514 Narvik
Mailing address: POB. 627, NO-8508 Narvik
Contact person : Øistein Kaarbø
Phone /Fax: +47 91 91 88 71/ +47 76 95 03 84

Visiting address: Stasjonsveien 1 (Railwaystation)
Distance from port: 2500 m
Mailing address: POB. 338, NO-8505 Narvik
Phone / Fax: +47 76 96 56 00

Guide Service: YES
Terminal/Restrooms in pier area: NO
Shuttle bus: YES
Parking place for buses: YES
Taxi: YES
Rental cars: YES
Public transportation: YES
Shopping: Fagernes: 1500 m, Pier 1: 500 m
Local currency: NOK
ATM: Fagernes: 1500 m, Pier 1: 500 m
Currency exchange: NO
Public telephones in pier area: NO
Internet access in pier area: NO
Mailboxes in pier area: NO
Distances – airport: Narvik Airport: 5 km (local flights),
H/N Evenes: 80 km
Distance to city center: Fagernes: 1500 m, Pier 1: 500 m
Nearest Hospital: UNN Narvik, +47 76 96 80 00, 3000 m

Bunkers delivery /method: Bunker barge from Harstad
Supplies: Smaller amounts available
Waste handling: Waste containers
Waste water method: Tank lorry, suction
Tugboats: 3 tugboats available
Anchorage: Inner or outer anchorage spots,
also used by Bulk Carriers
Pontoons: NIL
Pilot: Lodingen Pilot Station
Emergency: Bodo Radio or Narvik Port Control
Medical emergency: Phone 113
Charts: Norwegian Ch. No. 142 and 461
Tidal movement: Average 2 m
ISPS approved: YES
Designated quays for cruise ships: NO
Ship tenders allowed: YES
Beam: No limitation
Max size ship in port: Approx. 100 000 GT/3000 PAX
Max number of passenger per day in port: 2000
Max number of ships per day in port:
2 alongside, plus tendering
Ships stay min /max: No limitation
Port facilities according to
Cruise Norway`s guidelines: YES
Maximum ship length: Fagernes Quay:
250 m., Pier 1: 140 m
Maximum ship draft and depth in sea: 15 m
Maximum ship air draft if bridge: No limitation
Crew facilities: Seamen’s Club, shopping, sightseeing

Type of bottom: Mud
Minimum depth: 25 m
Distance from anchorage to tender pier:
Inner anchorge: 1000 m, Outer anchorage: 3000-4000 m