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1 North Cape (Honningsvåg)

More than a plateau

The North Cape is one of the world’s best known tourist attractions.

(Text copyright by CNNS / Erik Joachimsen)

Most things have been said and written about this giant cliff that forms an uncompromising division between the continent and the open sea. For several centuries, the North Cape was reserved for adventurers and expeditions. Now, more than 240,000 people per year find their way here by vehicle or boat. The majority arrive by cruise ship.

The North Cape Hall, at 71°10´21¨, lies on the outermost point of the plateau. In fine weather, you may enjoy panoramic views of the plateau and open sea. If the weather is less favourable the supervideograph North Cape panorama film is a good alternative. It takes you on a journey through the four seasons in a landscape filled with contrasts, light and majestic nature.

Less well known is the fact that the local municipality is a major fishing municipality with many vibrant and productive fishing villages. The municipality is also home to the world’s northernmost fishing village.

In recent years the offer to cruise passengers has increased. Some passengers have visited the North Cape before and others will experience other aspects of the community. The company Destination 71° Nord offers a variety of activities from its base in Honningsvåg, the municipal administrative centre. “We offer king crab safaris and ATV safaris (All Terrain Vehicle) for cruise passengers,” says the company’s General Manager Daniel Myhre. “We receive our best feedback comes from passengers who join us to catch, hold and taste king crab,” says Myhre, adding that they handled 3500 cruise passengers in 2012.

Every self-respecting town in the north has its own ice bar. That also applies to Honningsvåg, where Arctico Ice Bar offers winter year-round, richly illustrated with pictures from the island of Magerøya. Guests can stroll among fantastic ice sculptures and get a drink “in the rocks”.

Further out towards the open sea, outside the fishing village of Gjesvær, you may discover one of the largest Atlantic seabird colonies at the Gjesværstappan Nature Reserve. Here, you can have a close-up encounter with a huge abundance of birds that are nesting and hunting for food in the sea. Thousands of cruise passengers equipped with telephoto lenses and binoculars head out each season on Birdsafari’s cruise in search of good photos and beautiful views.

Just like a BBC documentary – in reality.

Cruise Port North Cape
Number of calls 2012 (2013) (2014): 80 (112) (104) Estimate 2014: 97
Unique Selling Points: The North Cape Plateau and seabird colonies
Shorex contact: Cruise Destination North Cape, Åse Lill Barstad

Product Manual 2015/16: Nordkapp

Northcape Turnaroundport: Nordkapp Turnaroundport

Port information (Source: Cruise Norway)
PORT OF north cape
Distance to nearest pilot station
nautical miles/Hours: In port
Visiting address: Holmen 2A
Mailing address: POB. 444 – NO-9751 Honningsvåg
Contact person: Harbor Captain John Arne Johansen
Phone /Fax: +47 78 47 6450/ +47 78 47 21 95

Visiting address: Fiskeriveien 4
Distance from port: Within 200 m
Mailing address: POB. 34 – NO-9751 Honningsvåg
Phone / Fax: +47 78 47 70 30/ +47 78 47 70 39

Guide Service: All major language
Terminal/Restrooms in pier area: YES
Shuttle bus: NO
Parking place for buses: In the quay area
Taxi: Near the quay
Rental cars: In the quay area
Public transportation: In the quay area
Shopping: Walking distance
Local currency: NOK
ATM: Yes – 200 m
Currency exchange: Yes – in the quay area
Tax refund: NO
Public telephones in pier area: YES
Internet access in pier area: YES
Mailboxes in pier area: YES
Distances – airport: 4 km/ Valan Airport
Distance to city center: 100 m
Nearest hospital: North Cape Cottage Hospital/
+47 78 47 66 60/ 2 km

Bunkers delivery /method: YES / Tank or vessel
Supplies: YES
Waste handling: YES
Waste water method: Local
Tugboats: YES
Anchorage: YES
Pontoons: YES
Pilot: Channel 12
Emergency: Channel 16
Medical emergency: Phone 113
Charts: yes
Tidal movement: 2.8 m tidal differences
ISPS approved: YES
Designated quays for cruise ships: YES
Ship tenders allowed: YES
Beam: No limitation
Max size ship in port: 300 m
Max number of passenger per day in port: No limitation
Max number of ships per day in port: No limitation
Ships stay min /max: No limitation
Environmental limitations /restrictions: No limitation
Port facilities according to
Cruise Norway`s guidelines: YES
Maximum ship length: 300 m+
Maximum ship draft and depth in sea: 12 m
Crew facilities: Free Internet

Type of bottom: Sand /Clay
Minimum depth: 15 m+
Distance from anchorage to tender pier: 1-2 nm