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1 Lofoten – Svolvær

Struck by nature

Do you enjoy being blown away by the nature? If so, head for Lofoten.

Lofoten has been a cruise destination ever since 1889 and the main attraction has been the nature itself. The are few, if any, other places on earth where you can experience majestic mountains rising directly from the sea, as is the case in Lofoten. The Lofoten Islands also have long fishing traditions, which has formed the basis of riches and growth for centuries. The famous Lofoten fishery every winter takes place in an area with an abundance of resources, and the fishermen have learned how to manage this on nature’s terms. They harvest what the nature provides.

The Port of Leknes can moor the largest ships, while the Port of Svolvær has limitations to its capacity. There are also several smaller ports, which can receive expedition ships.

“In recent years the cruise traffic has increased significantly, particularly the number of expedition cruises,” says The Managing Director of Arctic Guide Service, Remi Solberg. “We are now developing more good shore excursions on the same level as all the other members of CNNS. It is an acknowledgement of the fact that we want to offer a broader range of products which to an ever higher degree is based on our strong culture and beautiful nature.”

Among the products that will be tailor-made for cruise are the glassblower at Vikten, Aaland Farm and Full Steam. “The glassblower’s cabin, the mountain goat farm and the cod liver oil factory represent something unique and will be well adapted for the cruise passengers of the future,” says Solberg, who is also Chairperson of the Lofoten Cruise Network.

Cruise Port Lofoten (Svolvær)

Svolvær: The Port is 100 meters from town centre and has lots of selling points; Magic Ice, Lofoten War Museum, RIB & boat trips, Kabelvåg: SKREI experience Center (including Lofoten Museum, Lofoten Aquarium and Gallery Espolin), Henningsvær; the lively fishing village and alpine landscape, where the sea and mountains meet and Galleri Lofoten in Henningsvær.

Shorex contact: Lofoten Cruise Network, Sissel Hansen

Product manual 2018/19: Lofoten Cruise Port 2019-2020, lowres

Port information (Source: Cruise Norway)

PORT of Svolvær


ISPS approved: Yes
Designated quays for cruise ships:  No
Pilot: Channel 13
Tidal movement:  1.86 m average
Ship tenders allowed: Yes
Ships stay minimum/maximum: East only until 1800
Maximum number of ships per day in port: 3
Maximum number of passengers per day in port: 4000

Maximum Ship Dimensions

Length: East 150 m. West: 122 m
Draft:  East 6m. West 10 m
Air draft: No limit
Beam: No limit


Available:  N68˚13.29. E014˚33.93
Pontoons:  No
Tugboat: RS Stormbull, pulling strength 5.2t.

Port Services

Bunkers: Tanker truck
Supplies: Yes
Waste handling: Yes
Fresh water: Yes

Waste water method: Truck
Are the port facilities according to Cruise Norway’s quality guidelines? Yes

Port of Svolvær

Phone: +47 76 05 61 17 / 970 69 903
Contact person: Ole Osland
Email contact person:
Mailing Address: Fiskergata 23
Visiting Address:  Fiskergata 23
Charts:  Number 462
Web site:
Emergency channel (VHF): Channel 16
Medical Emergency: Phone 113
Pilot channel (VHF): Channel 13
Distance to nearest pilot station:
Buses:  Yes
Taxi: Yes
Shopping: East 140 m, West 2.3 km
Tax refund: No
Distances – airport: LKN: East 6.2 km, West 7 km
Distance to city centre: East 140 m, West 2.2 km


Mailing Address:  PB 210, NO-8301 Svolvær
Visiting Address:  Torget 18, Svolvær
Phone: +47 76 07 05 75
Web site:
Contact person: Sissel Hansen, Secretary, Lofoten Cruise Network