Cruise Northern Norway & Svalbard

1 Tromsø

The Arctic capital

More than 300 km north of the Arctic Circle, at latitude 69 °N, lies the city of Tromsø.

(Text copyright by CNNS / Erik Joachimsen)

Home to the world’s northernmost university and a population of 70,000, Tromsø is known by many names, including Gateway to the Arctic and Paris of the North.

Tromsø is known primarily as a pulsating city with a vibrant nightlife, sociable and inclusive people and despite being so far north is an extremely urban cruise destination. The city’s growth started in earnest in 1972 when the world’s northernmost university opened here.

On the shorex side, the city has several popular attractions that can handle a large volume of cruise passengers and which are suitable for adults and families alike. The cable car takes guests up to 421 m above sea for a panoramic view of the distinctive and beautiful landscape where the mountain peaks rise directly from the open sea.

The popular experience centre Polaria screens the panoramic film “Svalbard – Arctic Wilderness”. Polaria provides guests with an impressive insight into Svalbard’s fauna and flora, both above and below water. In the aquarium, visitors can enjoy close-up contact with seal species found near the ice edge and watch their own way of putting on a show for curious onlookers.

Tromsø has a rich polar history, which guests may gain a good insight into at the Polar Museum. The Tromsø University Museum is also worth visiting, especially the Sami exhibition.

The Northern Lights may be experienced here when it is dark, but there are now several places where you may see animated Northern Lights shows even when the sun is shining. The North Norwegian Science Centre at the University of Tromsø and the above-mentioned Polaria both show the Northern Lights in a 360° dome and in panoramic format respectively.

The quays in downtown Tromsø have been improved and have recently been dredged up so that cruise ships with a depth of up to xx m can dock in the city centre. In order to strengthen the host function and the shorexes on offer, a cruise network is now being established which will contribute to the passengers having an even better experience.

Cruise Port Tromsø
Number of calls 2012 (2013) (2014): 106 (110) (109) Estimate 2014: 102
Unique Selling Points: Polar history and the city’s atmosphere
Shorex contact: Port of Tromsø, Harriet Willassen

Product Manual 2015/16:Tromso

Port information (Source: Cruise Norway)

Distance to nearest pilot station
nautical miles/Hours: 3 hours
Visiting address: Kirkegt. 1, NO-9008 Tromsø
Mailing address: POB. 392, N-9254 Tromsø
Contact person: Harriet Willassen
Phone /Fax: +47 77 66 18 50

Visiting address: Kirkegt. 2, 9008 Tromsø
Distance from port: 0 km / 4 km
Mailing address: POB. 311, NO-9253 Tromsø
Phone / Fax: +47 77 61 00 00

Guide Service: Arctic Guideservice AS, Farout AS
Terminal/Restrooms in pier area: NO
Shuttle bus: Available on request
Parking place for buses: YES
Taxi: YES
Rental cars: YES
Public transportation: YES
Shopping: 200 m / 4 km
Local currency: NOK
ATM: YES 200 m / 4 km
Currency exchange: YES 200 m / 4 km
Tax refund: YES, at the Airport
Public telephones in pier area: YES
Internet Access in pier area: YES
Mailboxes in pier area: YES
Distances – airport: 4 km Tromsø Langnes Airport
Distance to city center: 0 / 4 km
Nearest hospital: Tromsø University Hospital 500 m / 4,5 km

Bunkers delivery /method: YES, by boat/truck
Supplies: YES
Waste handling: YES
Waste water method: Truck
Tugboats: YES
Anchorage: YES
Pontoons: YES, available upon request
Pilot: Channel 13
Emergency: Channel 16
Medical emergency: Phone 113
Charts: Norwegian chart no 466
Tidal movement: 1.8 m
ISPS approved: YES
Designated quays for cruise ships: YES
Ship tenders allowed: YES
Beam: Unlimited
Max size ship in port: Any
Max number of passenger per day in port:
Approx. 5000 passengers at the same time
Max number of ships per day in port:
5 at the same time (only 2 over 300 m length)
Ships stay min /max: No limitation
Port facilities according to
Cruise Norway`s guidelines: YES
Maximum ship length:
Prostneset FO07 – 225 m
Prostneset FO08 – 135 m
Breivika FO21 – total length of quay 21-24: 410 m
Breivika FO24 – total length of quay 21-24: 410 m
Breivika FO25 – 300 m (quay length 150 m)
Maximum ship draft and depth in sea:
Prostneset FO07 – 8 m
Prostneset FO08 – 9 m
Breivika FO21 – 10.8 m
Breivika FO24 – 11 m
Breivika FO25 – 11 m
Maximum ship air draft if bridge:
Sandnessund Bridge 41,0 m
– if sailing from north to the city center (Prostneset).
Crew Facilities: Public telephones at the pier.
Grocery stores close to the port. Good shopping
facilities in the city center and at shopping malls.

Type of bottom: Muddy sand bed
Minimum depth: above 20 m
Distance from anchorage to tender pier: NA