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1 Bus tour to Nevernes Havn

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Nevernes Havn, with an idyllic location overlooking the Velfjorden, is a centre for coastal heritage in Southern Helgeland.   The place comprises several buildings including the Brattås House, which dates from around 1850 with inventory and mental and wooden tools.   The Art Gallery features permanent and changing exhibitions of artists’ works including glass, ceramics, textiles and paintings. There is an exhibition of paintings from Lomsdal-Visten, an area proposed as a national park.   Nævernes Gaard features an exceptional collection of war memorabilia from World War II, with displays ranging from uniforms and personal effects to equipment and small firearms.

Destination: 185

Suppliers: Brønnøy Havn KF

Season: All Year

Availability: All Year


Guide Type: Personal

Duration: 4

Minimum number of Pax: 25

Maximum number of Pax: 90

Transfer from ship to attraction/activity: Buss

Access from transfer to attraction/activity: Good

Number of stairs/steps: Stairs in som of the houses, but can be skipped.

Number of toilets: 4

Contact person: Tove Nordaas


Phone: +47 75 01 20 70