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1 EXCURSION TO KJERRINGØY ISLAND – One of Nordland`s most beautiful sites

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Kjerringøy Island is known for its beauty, diverse nature and is a well-kept historical trading post. The community of Kjerringøy was awarded the European Rural  evelopment Prize in 2000. Kjerringøy Island has mountains, azure seas and small but beautifully white sandy beaches. These are some of the ingredients of your trip to Kjerringøy, whether you arrive by land or by sea.

The old trading post of Kjerringøy Island is beautifully located, and currently one of Norway’s most important cultural  eritage monuments from the 19th century. Fifteen different historic buildings are maintained as one of the historical merchant centres in Norway, most of these are fully  reserved in their original state.

The merchant post had its glory days in the late 1890s, when the merchant Erasmus B. K. Zahl’s efforts led to the founding of the richest  rade centre in Northern Norway at that time. Zahl was an exceptionally talented businessman, an expert at purchasing fish and arranging transport by “jekt”, small cargo boats with half decks and sails, indigenous to Northern Norway. This trading post gives you unique insight into the coastal culture of Northern Norway. Here you can see and experience how everyday life was lived by the gentry and servants in Nordland at the end of the 1800s. There is an interesting slide show before the guided tour of the site, which will give you an understanding of how merchants and servants lived at the time.

Kjerringøy (especially the trading post) has been used as the primary location for many cinema films. Among the movies filmed here are ”Benoni and Rosa”, ”The Telegraphist” from the novel ”Dreamers”, and finally ”Pan” which was dramatised for film not once, but twice on Kjerringøy Island, the second time in 1994. In the literary masterpiece ”Pan”, the late Nobel Literature Prize winner Knut Hamsun brings us to Kjerringøy with Mack and Edvarda and the people in a merchant post he called Sirilund. The latest award-winning movie filmed here was ”I Am Dina”, in which the actress Maria Bonnevie gave a powerful interpretation in the role of Dina. The leading role in the film was played by the renowned actor and Oscar nominee Gerard Depardieu.


We start our trip from the cruise ship. The bus trip takes about 45minutes to Festvåg ferry landing. The ferry to Kjerringøy takes approximately 10 minutes.

Specific details: Walking shoes recommended.

Destination: 183

Availability: March, April, May, June, July, August, September, October


Duration: 5

Maximum number of Pax: High

Transfer from ship to attraction/activity: Bus