Cruise Northern Norway & Svalbard

1 Fossil hunting with pack dogs at Longyear Glacier

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Find your own Arctic souvenirs! This excursion starts with pick up and transport to Nybyen, where the guides await with their friendly Greenland dogs who will accompany you on the tour. You will then continue on foot past the Gruve 4 mine and towards the Longyear Glacier, where the search begins for 40 – 60 million year old plant fossils. Tour participants who find their own fossils are allowed to take them home as souvenirs. Warm drinks and biscuits will be served during the trip.

Destination: 162

Suppliers: Spitsbergen Travel

Highlights: Glacier, Fossil Hunting and Pack Dogs

Season: Summer

Availability: June, July, August, September

Gallery:Spitsbergen / Svalbard

Guide Type: Local guide

Guide to Passenger Ratio: 1 guide per 20 passengers

Duration: 3 hours

Minimum number of Pax: 10

Maximum number of Pax: 40

Transfer from ship to attraction/activity: Bus

Number of toilets: none

Contact person: Anika Paust


Phone: +47 79026100