Cruise Northern Norway & Svalbard

1 Hiking Tour on Gammelveien

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This tour starts right in the centre of Hammerfest. The local guide takes you from the pier through the town passing the church and the cemetery with its chapel – the oldest building in Hammerfest and the only one whose construction dates back to the time before the Second World War – before entering the Gammelveien (the old path) that leads directly into the highlands surrounding the town. The trail is quite steep but the hiker is rewarded with a marvelous view of the islands offshore. Following the path into the interior you will walk alongside the reindeer-fence that is meant to keep the reindeer out of town. Here there is a high probability of meeting these typical artic animals on the other side of the fence. The tour finishes with the viewpoint on Mt. Salen offering a spectacular view of Hammerfest before the guide takes you down the zig-zag-path to the town centre. If the ship is docked in Fuglenes (pier 9), a bus transfer is required.

Destination: 167

Suppliers: Hammerfest Turist A/S

Highlights: Spectacular view

Season: Summer

Availability: May, June, July, August, September


Guide Type: Local Guide

Guide to Passenger Ratio: 1 guide per 25 passengers

Duration: 2 hours

Number of stairs/steps: Plenty

Contact person: Christian Dederichs


Phone: +47 78 41 21 85