Cruise Northern Norway & Svalbard

1 Into the Ice

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On this excursion we tell about the great age of exploration, especially Roald Amundsen’s South Pole expedition; it was the first time a human being reached the geographic South Pole. Amundsen was accompanied by our local hero Adolf Henrik Lindstrøm who was a polar chef. He became famous for his various talents, his positive attitude and his signature dish - Biff à la Lindstrøm. We provide an arctic expedition outfit and bring you to the mountain by bus. There we will have a walk on the ice towards the summit to plant the Norwegian flag – your chance to take some unforgettable pictures. Eventually we will make it to Camp Framheim which is a cozy tent with a fireplace. Here we tell you more about Lindstrøm and polar history and serve a taste of Biff à la Lindstrøm and hot cakes.

Destination: 167

Suppliers: Hammerfest Turist A/S

Highlights: Felling like a Norwegian polar hero

Season: Winter

Availability: January, February, March

Guide Type: Local Guide

Guide to Passenger Ratio: 1 guide per 20 passengers

Duration: 2

Minimum number of Pax: 8

Maximum number of Pax: 20

Transfer from ship to attraction/activity: By bus

Contact person: Christian Dederichs


Phone: +47 78 41 21 85