Cruise Northern Norway & Svalbard

1 Kick-sled tour in Honningsvåg

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The main theme of the tour is life in Honningsvåg from a historical perspective. A local guide will bring you on a historic round trip through Honningsvåg. Today the city is a fine example of post-World War II reconstruction. The entire city, apart from the church, was burned down in the autumn of 1944. We will visit the church during the tour (unless it is in use). At the end of the tour we will visit the Nordkapp Museum, a museum dedicated to the fisheries and the coastal culture. Here you will be served hot chocolate and buns before the tour finishes. The tour will be undertaken on foot if conditions are not suitable for kick-sleds.

Destination: 165

Suppliers: Arctic Guideservice

Highlights: Kick-sled tour in the town of Honningsvåg

Season: Winter


Guide Type: Guided tour

Guide to Passenger Ratio: 1 per 2 - 15

Duration: 1,5 hours

Maximum number of Pax: 15

Transfer from ship to attraction/activity: By foot and/or kick-sled

Distance from transfer end to attraction/activity: 1200 meters

Access from transfer to attraction/activity: Moderate

Number of stairs/steps: 16

Elevator: 1

Number of toilets: 1 at Nordkapp Museum


Phone: +47 479 31 054