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1 King Crab adventure by coach

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We leave by bus from Honningsvåg to our lavvocamp at Sarnes. Here the guests are welcomed by our hosts, and we walk down to the pier where we look at the live King Crabs. We keep the crabs in large tanks on shore, and we pick them up so that our guests can hold them and take photos. We will show how we prepare them, and offer some facts about the King Crab. Our guests participate in the whole process from getting the crab, slaughtering and cooking it. The King Crab is served with bread, lemon, mayonnaise and mineral water. It is possible to buy beer or wine to the meal. After the meal we serve fresh coffee, brewed over open fire, with some biscuits. The drive Honningsvåg – Sarnes takes 15 minutes each way.

Destination: 165

Suppliers: Destinasjon 71° Nord

Highlights: King Crab adventure by bus to lavvocamp in Sarnes

Season: All Year


Guide Type: Driver - guide only

Duration: 2,5 hours including transfer

Maximum number of Pax: 120

Transfer from ship to attraction/activity: Bus

Distance from transfer end to attraction/activity: 20 meters

Access from transfer to attraction/activity: Easy

Number of toilets: 1


Phone: +47 472 89 320