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1 Midnight Sun Concert

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Evocative Midnight Sun Concert in the Arctic Cathedral every evening. During the summer season from June 1 to August 15 you can experience a Midnight Sun concert at the Arctic Cathedral at 11:30pm. Every night during the summer the Midnight Sun streams through the cathedral while your ears enjoy acoustic treats. What once started as a hobby for music enthusiasts has become a cultural event. Norwegian folk tunes and classical music are performed by various groups. With a combination of solo vocals, piano, trumpet and cello music as well as choral and organ music, a varied and rich programme awaits the concert visitors.

Destination: 67

Suppliers: The Arctic Cathedral

Season: Summer

Availability: May, June, July, August


Duration: 30 min

Distance from transfer end to attraction/activity: 30 meter

Access from transfer to attraction/activity: Bus. 2 km from city centre

Contact person: Agnete Solberg