Cruise Northern Norway & Svalbard

1 Norwegian Fishing Village Museum –come to see Lofoten 200 years back in time

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Step back in time 100 years ago and have a taste of everyday life in the Fishing village. Meet the fishermen in their cabin resting after heavy duty on the sea. Learn to repair nets and lines in the boat house. Are you lucky, maybe you will meet Draugen, the ghost of storms. Please don’t wake him up! Brave kids and parents are welcome to the “Draugens-cave” where we have prepared activities. Have a spoonful of cod liver-oil in the old factory and find out how the oil was made. Do you know how many other purposes the oil was use for? Visit

the Old Shop. Follow the cinnamon smell and be the first to get a fresh roll baked in the old stone oven from 1844. Be with the bakers during their working day. Visit the fisherman`s family house. Meet the blacksmith repairing tools and find out what else he can do. Look up in the postbox in the old Post office –maybe there is something waiting for you there? In the Steam ships` expedition office check the route schedule for the next ship arriving to A –Are you ready for a trip?


Destination: 179

Suppliers: Norwegian Fishing Village Museum

Maximum number of Pax: 120 pax at one occasion/ 600 pax per day

Distance from transfer end to attraction/activity: Distance from Leknes pier 65 km. Distance from Svolvær pier 130 km