Cruise Northern Norway & Svalbard

1 Steinavær- do people live here?

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A RIB takes us from Harstad to Steinavær which lies far out in Andefjord. This is a little group of islands that was inhabited until 1914. This nature reserve is the home of seabirds as well as eagles and seals. After a trip around the islands, we go ashore at Styrmannsholmen. Here we have som light refreshments while enjoying the fantastic scenery with the sea on all sides. We return via the small islands of Krøttøy and Meløyvær to the bird rock in the Sundsvoll strait. Good footwear suitable for the time of year is recommended. Your camera is an absolute must on this trip!Rafting, RIB                

Destination: 173

Suppliers: Visit Harstad

Availability: March, April, May, June, July, August, September

Guide Type: personal

Duration: 3 hours

Minimum number of Pax: 8

Maximum number of Pax: 24

Transfer from ship to attraction/activity: walk

Contact person: Gro Dagsvold


Phone: +47 77 01 89 89