Cruise Northern Norway & Svalbard

1 The Flakstad Church

Lofoten has a strong cultural Heritage through its Christian community, which is reflected in its many churches. The current church in Flakstad was built in 1780 and is built on a site where several churches stood before it. The timber is Russian as a result of the pomor trade, and the building itself is inspired by the russian churches and their architectonic style in the 18th century. Flakstad and its parish is named as early as the middle ages, through the testament of Arvid Ingelsøn which was issued in 1430. The church is well-used by its parish today and we are proud to show you our living and proud history!


Destination: 179

Duration: 30 minutes

Maximum number of Pax: At one occasion : 130 pax

Distance from transfer end to attraction/activity: Leknes: 25 km / 25 min. Svolvær: 91 km / 95 min.

Phone: +47 76 09 31 45