Cruise Northern Norway & Svalbard

1 The Sami village Maze

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Situated at the head of the Altafjord, Alta’s favourable climate makes it the most northerly point where corn will ripen and excavations reveal that the area has been inhabited for up to 10,000 years.  Start this half day excursion by travelling through the Alta and Eiby valleys to arrive at Sameland, where your guide will introduce you to the history and culture of the Sami people. As you arrive in Maze, a Sami village your hosts will welcome you wearing Kofta, the traditional national costume.  During a traditional Sami lunch in a Lavvu – a Sami tent – learn about the Sami way of life, its people and their traditions.  After lunch …. …. the Sami Games will begin: •          Racing with reindeer and sleigh. (Speed and excitement) •          Throw the lasso (Accuracy and technique ) •          Collect firewood, with old- fashioned ski and Sami moccasin. •          Retrieve water from the lake, which is frozen with ice, and make coffee. (Challenge) •          Get dressed properly with Sami clothing, (Difficult) •          Rig a traditional Sami tent – lavvo (How do you start…..) (The lunch can take place before or after the sami games) After these activities we are starting the journey back to your ship.

Destination: 169

Suppliers: North Adventure

Highlights: Sami culture and activities

Season: Winter

Availability: February, March, April


Duration: 5 hrs

Minimum number of Pax: 20

Maximum number of Pax: 120

Transfer from ship to attraction/activity: By coach

Distance from transfer end to attraction/activity: 200 meteres

Access from transfer to attraction/activity: Walking in snow

Number of toilets: 1

Contact person: Henriette Bismo Eilertsen


Phone: +47 90 19 27 76