Cruise Northern Norway & Svalbard

1 Tirpitz Museum & World War II

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The bus and the local guide meet the group at the pier. A guided bus tour leads you past the Altagård to the Tirpitz Museum in Kåfjord,. The story of the Altagård and the Alta battalion and their encounters at the Narvik-front in 1940.  this is stories  which will be told on the way over to Kåfjord and the Tirpitz Museum. The Tirpitz Museum is a small museum that displays a unique range of objects that have been collected throughout a long period of time by Even Blomkvist. There is e.g. a exhibition of photographies about the battle ship Tirpitz and several objects from the time of WW2. A short film from WW2 will be shown followed by a guided tour of the Museum.  In the end it will be a lecture about Tirpitz and WW2. On to the Kåfjord church: The church was build in the time of the copper mines (1837) and is the oldest building in the municipality of Alta. The church is a long church with the organ in the back and galleries along the sides. The church is build in an english inspired new gothic style and one of the first churches with new gothic windows. The building of the church and its early history is connected to the activities in the copper mines. On the graveyard there are several graves that are connected to dramatic episodes in Norwegian history. Return to the Pier

Destination: 169

Suppliers: North Adventure

Highlights: The history of the Tirpitz

Season: All Year

Availability: All Year


Duration: 2,5 hrs

Minimum number of Pax: 20

Maximum number of Pax: 45

Transfer from ship to attraction/activity: By coach

Distance from transfer end to attraction/activity: 50 metres

Access from transfer to attraction/activity: Walk

Number of toilets: 2

Contact person: Henriette Bismo Eilertsen


Phone: +47 90 19 27 76