Cruise Northern Norway & Svalbard


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Experience the ancient Stone Age settlement of Tuv, just outside the town of Bodø. The earliest settlements of this area are over 10.000 years old! Here you will see a world famous attraction in detail; embrace spectacular forces of nature in the world’s strongest tidal current. This area is a living and stirring story; modern man meets the ancient past in a way that awakens the senses. Knowledgeable local hosts help you sense life as it was once lived, in one of the world’s most interesting and inspiring tourist attractions. Not only will you experience spectacular forces of nature, but also walk through the unique cultural history of the ancient Stone Age settlement at Saltstraumen and combine this with an authentic culinary experience. Entering a Stone Age turf hut, you sense the authentic atmosphere of open fire, tallow lamps and the smell of natural materials that our forefathers lived with after the last Ice Age. Local guides demonstrate and tell stories of Stone Age life around Saltstraumen while sharing an exclusive and authentic Stone Age meal with you. The diet of the Stone Age man consisted of berries, herbs, mushrooms, root vegetables, fish and wild game. You will be treated to ”a taste of the Stone Age”, where fresh foods from the area are prepared and served especially for you by experts who know how to prepare food representative of ancient times - in cooking pits with red-hot stones. TOUR DESCRIPTION A bus from pier will take you on a short sightseeing trip of the city. Arriving at the Stone Age settlement, you will be welcomed by guides wearing replicas of authentic leather clothing from the period. They will serve you a unique tea typical of the Stone Age made from herbs, berries and honey. Included in this trip are a special welcome brew and a Stone Age lunch inside a turf hut. Meals and drinks are included. Specific details: Access by wheelchair may be limited in certain areas, but most activities allow participation by all.

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Season: All Year

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Duration: 5

Maximum number of Pax: 100