Cruise Northern Norway & Svalbard

1 Visit historical Basecamp Isfjord Radio; Kapp Linnè

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Situated on the outermost part of the Isfjord on the beautiful Nordenskiöld coast framed by majestic mountains and overlooking the open sea, you will discover Basecamp Isfjord radio. Until a few years ago, the radio station was an important connection for telecommunication between Svalbard and the rest of the world. The area surrounding the radio station has an exceptional animal life and a bird sanctuary where we find nesting birds right up to the station’s walls. In addition to all the different species of birds, you might also see reindeers, polar foxes and if you are lucky, it may be possible to spot the King of the Arctic – the polar bear! Our host will welcome the guests at the harbour and will give you a guiding of the station and the beautiful surroundings.  Warm drinks and cake will be served during the stay.

Destination: 162

Suppliers: Basecamp Spitsbergen

Highlights: Isfjord radio, bird sanctuary, cultural history of Svalbard

Season: Summer

Availability: June, July, August, September


Guide Type: English speaking. Other languages on request

Guide to Passenger Ratio: 1 guide per 45 passengers

Duration: 2

Minimum number of Pax: 10

Transfer from ship to attraction/activity: By tenderboats

Access from transfer to attraction/activity: Suitable for persons in normal physical condition

Number of stairs/steps: 30

Number of toilets: WC at the station

Contact person: Aud Andersen


Phone: +47 79 02 46 00