Cruise Northern Norway & Svalbard

1 Visit the Ice Hotel

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The bus and local guide meet the guest at the pier.  During the trip to Sorrisniva  and the Iglo Hotel the guest will be informed about Alta and its history, culture, economy and day-to-day live.  We drive up the Alta Valley and to to the Ice Hotel. Sorrisniva IGLO HOTEL. Here they will get a guided tour in the ice Hotel, and a drink in an ice- glass.  The Igloo Hotel sleeps around 80, with suites, an ice bar and several lounges. All exterior and interior is made from snow and ice: the rooms, beds, even the glasses in the bar! The hotel is decorated with ice sculptures – beautiful pieces of art created by talented sculptors – creating in harmony with the pure white snow a fairytale like atmosphere.  The indoor temperature in the igloo hotel varies between -4 and -7 degrees Celsius. Then after this ice cold experience we return to the pier.

Destination: 169

Suppliers: North Adventure

Highlights: The Sorrisniva Iglo Hotel (

Season: Winter

Availability: January, February, March, April


Duration: 2 hrs

Minimum number of Pax: 20

Maximum number of Pax: 120

Transfer from ship to attraction/activity: By coach

Distance from transfer end to attraction/activity: 30 metres

Access from transfer to attraction/activity: Walk

Number of stairs/steps: 1

Number of toilets: 3

Contact person: Henriette Bismo Eilertsen


Phone: +47 90 19 27 76