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Turnarounds in Northern Norway

Turing vessels at the usual ports on the European continent is no longer the only option. A less tried and tested, but even more interesting possibility, lies a lot further north.

The long sailing distances from Central Europe to Northern Norway and Svalbard can now be used as an opportunity for cruise lines wishing to offer their passengers the experience of a cruise in Northern Norway. A regular 11 to 14-day cruise can be decreased to a seven-day cruise by using turnaround ports at “the top of Europe”. This can be accomplished in combination with many different shore excursions in both new and existing cruise ports along one of the most beautiful and extraordinary coastlines on earth.

Northern Norway and Svalbard offer excellent possibilities for implementing turnarounds at several ports, depending on the number of passengers and crew to be replaced. CNNS is not working for any single port for this purpose, but for several. Even so, some cruise destinations stand out in terms of capacity of the airport, the distance between port, city centre and airport, and hotel capacity.

CNNS is working to enable turnaround opportunities to be exploited to their full potential in our region in the future. But we recognize that this shift has to be done gradually. Some smaller cruise lines have already implemented such operations on a small scale. Bodø, Harstad, Tromsø and Longyearbyen have all completed turnarounds with several hundred passengers. One of the biggest turnaround operations so far took place in Tromsø on the July 1, 2012, when Costa Voyager turned 1400 passengers. Click here to read more and see photos.

We are excited to see what the next stage in this process will be, and remain committed to aiding this development so that it will happen as flexibly as possible, regardless of the port in question.

The desire to facilitate turnarounds is great. Avinor, which owns all the airports, will do their utmost to make the logistics work in a satisfactory manner. A successful turnaround requires seamless cooperation between the port, airport, agent and destination. CNNS is confident this is achievable at all ports in question, regardless of the challenges that may occur.

Kindest regards,

Erik Joachimsen
Managing Director
Cruise Northern Norway & Svalbard

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