Welcome TO Sortland AND VESTERÅLEN


Sortland is the connecting port of The Vesterålen archipelago, a magnificent set of islands with the most stunning natural surroundings. Sortland is well known as a centre for commerce, for having an active cultural and music scene and, not least, for its blue city project.  Vesterålen is a place that really brings you back in time to what life was like hundreds of years ago. There are still people living on small little islands where boat is the only means of transport to schools, shops, and communal services. This is a true representation of how to live of the land, and you can experience native culture. The fishing industry is by far the largest and due to the rich supply of fish this is also where you will find the magnificent whales. Northern Lights appear with the advent of the dark season and as we approach summer the midnight sun graces us with its presence.


Cruise Contact Destination

Julie Brekke

Tel: +47 456 73 064
Web: Port of Sortland

Cruise Contact Port

Einar Glad Hansen

Tel.: +47 905 89 308
Web: Port of Sortland